Titus Team

Titus Team Hard at Work

Titus Team Hard at Work


Superior Technology makes your Sorting Systems Better. Whether you’re in the market for a new system, or simply want to improve on what you have, Titus Services will provide a solution that is just right for you!


Brings to you, over 25 years, of experience in the recycling industry. Our experts will collaborate on your project to determine the best solution. We are a performance driven company that prides itself on completing projects on time and on budget. We have installed over 20 optical sorting units for various applications. We are a highly experienced, Design Build Company, with Auto Cad specialist, structural and electrical engineers, certified welders, ongoing maintenance mechanics, and a knowledgeable parts department.


Mike Centers – undergraduate studies were in engineering specializing in operations research with a Bachelors of Science from the “United States Military Academy at West Point N.Y. Serving five years as a US Army Aviator Mike logged over 1500 hours as a pilot flying CH-47 Chinook helicopters. Upon leaving the service, Mike graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA. Mike is a licensed engineering contractor in the state of California. Mike has extensive experience in material processing and equipment design and holds two patents for glass cleaning equipment. The patents have been assigned to Titus and the team has designed, built, and installed over 20 glass-cleaning systems.

Rick Perez – is a principle and cofounder of Titus. He has extensive experience in all phases of design, fabrication, installation, electrical, MCC panels and PLC programming. Rick has over 25 years experience in the equipment industry and over 12 years in the highly abrasive glass beneficiating industry. Since 2001, Rick has specialized in providing solutions to material recovery facilities across the world and has consulted on projects in Mexico, Aruba, South America, and the United States. Rick designed, built and installed the second MRF ever built in the Country of Mexico.

Fernando Perez – has been with Titus Services since 2001 and is experienced across all aspects of our business. Fernando has led full design builds for single stream material recovery facilities. His most recent design build has become the Titus footprint for building single stream 18 ton per hour MRF’s for future customers. Fernando is capable of leading up to two shifts (12 men per shift) as well as interact with the customer on all aspects of the project. Fernando is highly skilled in Auto CAD, welding, rigging and all equipment used to build a plant.

Benjamin Grijalva – he earned his Bachelor’s of Architecture, NCARB- Accredited program from Woodbury University, Burbank CA. Prior to joining Titus Maintenance & Installation Services, Inc., Ben was a junior designer for F+A Architects, Pasadena, CA. His projects included lifestyle, shopping centers, and mix-use. E. g.Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE.The retail lifestyle mall expansion for the Temecula Promenadeand the Atlantic Times Square, Alhambra CA.

Esteban Gomez – graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with Titus Services since 2013. He is a design engineer and is involved in all aspects of a project, such as: bidding/quoting, design, fabrication, and installation. All of which were included in his most recent project of adding Titus’ patented glass cleaning system to Waste Management’s Houston West Side MRF.

Michael Atencio – is an industrial parts specialist with Titus. Michael has more than 15 years experience and has developed relationships with key vendors, significantly improving our on time delivery, price and quality. Titus has OEM relationships with many key components, such as Nord Gear, Kaiser Compressors and Dodge.

Jose Cruz – is our Northern California Maintenance Supervisor. Jose has been with Titus since 2002 and has over 10 years experience repairing, maintaining and modifying material recovery facilities and glass plants. Jose manages a four-man maintenance service team for Titus Services in Northern California.