Mr. Titus

Titus Inc. began in 2001 via a MRF line installation in Southern California. Mike Centers is founder and President of TITUS. Mike has over 20 years of experience in the recycling industry and has held general management positions with Allwaste, Inc., Strategic Materials, Inc. and Tomra Pacific, Inc. Mike’s family founded Titus Welding Company in 1919, a company focused on welding, fabrication and installations in the Midwest.

Mike has assembled a group of highly experienced fabricators and welders with years of maintenance and fabrication experience in the recycling industry more notable in the highly abrasive glass beneficiary industry. Titus is an industry expert in material handling equipment, MRF design/build, MRF processing, paper container separation, and MRF parts and services.

In 2012 Titus was certified by United Laboratories (UL) as a panel shop capable of producing motor control panels to upgrade existing systems or add new systems to an existing MRF.

TITUS believes in developing a skilled fabrication, maintenance and installation team from new hire to supervisor. New hires are evaluated and skill certified upon joining TITUS. TITUS has created a “pay for skills process” that provides each employee key knowledge to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Over the past ten years, TITUS has logged over 300,000 man-hours with 3 lost time accidents and zero in the last 3 years. We have installed complete single stream, MSW, C&D, Commercial MRF systems and balers, conveyors, optical sorters, and fiber-container, fiber-glass separation systems. References available upon request.

TITUS Inc. has a track record of success based on the following principles:

  1.  Safety Management
  2.  On time on budget installation delivery
  3. Customer Service above all else
  4. Trained Professional Installers and Mechanics