Glass Cleaning Systems

Patent No. US 7188730 B2

Titus’ patented glass cleaning system effectively removes and separates contaminants from the existing glass stream with the potential to return all contaminants to their respective flow of material. The glass cleaning system features:

Shaker Screen with 2” Perforations (Figure 1.1)

Receives contaminated glass flow and divides into two streams: • -Contaminants greater than 2” with possibility of returning to existing system -Existing glass transferred to second shaker screen Shaker Screen

Shaker Screen with 2” Perforations

Shaker Screen with 2” Perforations Fig 1.1

Shaker Screen with 1/4” Perforations (Figure 1.2)

Discharges both the glass product and all fine contaminants under 1/4”

Shaker Screen Fig 1.2

Shaker Screen Fig 1.2


Vacuum System (Figure 1.3-1.4)

Contains both positive and negative air blowers in addition to a cyclone and a drop box. • Removes light material through a pick up point at the end of the 1/4” shaker screen and expels it through rotary air locks placed at the bottom of the cyclone and drop box.
-Material removed from glass may also be returned to the existing system.

Vacuum Systems Fig 3 & 4



• Separation System for Single-Stream Compressed Recyclables (Patent # 7,188,730 • B2)
• Cleans glass up to 92% and removes up to 95% of fiber.
• Depending on shaker screen size, 4-8 ton per hour or 6-12 ton per hour capacities.
• Recover 3 tons of fiber a day.
• Low maintenance and easily exchangeable perforated plates.
• Titus also supplies all chutes, transfer conveyors, platforms, stairs, ladders, structures,
    access points, and electric controls necessary.

Vacuum System Fig 5 & 6


All equipment sizes are selected based on individual site details (material quantity, material quality, accessible space, etc.) Options available are:

Shaker Screens

Infeed widths are 3-5 feet with lengths ranging from 8-12 feet. A double-deck option • is available upon request, but only made in the 4’x8’ option. Rotor assembly contains a counter weight, which is responsible for the vibratory portion of the shaker screen. Motor sizes range from 7.5 HP for the smaller shaker screens, 10 HP for the double deck assembly, and 15 HP for the 5’x12’ shaker screen. Perforated plates are 3/16” thick with holes ranging in diameter from 1/4”-2 1/2”.

Vacuum System

The vacuum system consists of a positive air blower powered by a 3 phase 5 HP motor, • while the negative air blower is powered by motors ranging from 25 HP-40 HP, depending on the size of the cyclone and the drop box. The cyclone and drop box are either 40” or 60”, both options with a standard 24” diameter rotary air lock, powered by 3 HP motors.