Integration Services


Titus is familiar and can fabricate or source all types of conveying methods for materials:

Conveyors belts:  Steel Pan Belt, Rubber Combo Belt 6” and 9” pitch chain, RMA Standard Black Conveyor Belt, 2-Ply, 3-Ply, 4-Ply.  Slider Bed Combo Belt, 2-Ply, 3-Ply, Bear Bag, Eddy current Belts Poly urethane Belt,  Steel Belt, Combo Belt, Chevron Belt

Conveyor Types:  Incline feed Conveyor, Sort Conveyor, Discharge Conveyor, Trough Conveyor, Elevator conveyors, Screw Conveyor, Eddy Current Conveyor, Transfer, Metering Drum Conveyor, and Slider Bed Conveyor

Vibratory feeder or screens

Air systems to convey ferrous, plastics and fiber.

“Call us and we can discuss the best method to move your material”